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Information on the China Visa for Internships

To participate in our internship program in Shanghai, you will need to obtain a F or M Business Visa at the Chinese embassy/consulate in your home country.

NSC will assist you during the process by sending you the required invitation letters, however you will need to travel to the nearest Chinese embassy/consulate in your home country to apply for the visa following NSC guidelines. Please note that the cost of your visa is not included in NSC’s China program fee and shall be settled in your home country when applying. (Fee vary from USD 60 to USD100 depending on the country or application).

A business visa (F or M visa) is required to participate in an internship for up to 6 months. It is not permitted to get paid while on an M or F visa, this is why all our internships are unpaid.


  • Applicant’s passport with blank visa pages and at least 6 months validity left before expiration.
  • One truly completed Visa Application Form (Form V2011A).
  • One recent passport-size color photo stuck on the visa application form
  • An “Invitation Letter of Duly Authorized Unit” or “Confirmation Letter of Invitation” prescribing the visa validity, number of entries and stay period.
  • Under some circumstances, the applicants may be required to submit a copy of housing reservation, return air ticket booking, and financial proof.

How to Apply

You can submit your application to the visa office of Chinese embassies or consulates by yourself, or entrust a visa agency to do so on your behalf.

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