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Arts & Design Internship

Next Step Connections organizes internships in graphic design studios, contemporary art galleries and museums.


Competition for art gallery internships is generally high. However, employment opportunities are expected to grow as fast as average for careers in art so there are many jobs to fill, especially in the area of multimedia (including growth for video producers, animators, and video game designers). For art and design enthusiasts, Asia is unarguably where the focus is right now. Although relatively new to the art and design world, Asia is quick to catch up. New galleries are sprouting and museums are avidly organizing world class exhibitions to keep the local art lovers satisfied.


The design industry is a vibrant, varied, and dynamic creative sector that plays a powerful and important role in many areas of our lives. Designers help conceive and shape products and services; they contribute hugely to the visual world around us; they create communications for organizations of all shapes and sizes; they influence how we use buildings and help improve our workspaces; they can contribute to building better public services or create more efficient working processes; they create the interfaces we use daily on digital devices; they help us digest information; they create the clothes you’re wearing and the chair you may be sitting on. Unfortunately, there are more students leaving design education than there are jobs to receive them. This means that in addition to qualifications, a designer’s industry experience, skill set and creative ability will be very influential in securing a job or client work.

Participating an arts and design internship typically involves working on different areas such as:
  • Working on current exhibition projects and helping launch a foundation while working with the curator;
  • Launching a book that the art center published while managing online sales;
  • Be involved in client presentations, resource updating, and participating with design teams.

Design Internship Opportunities

  • Ke Center for Contemporary arts
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts
  • Gallery 789
  • Feizi Gallery
  • State of the arts gallery
  • Chancery Lane Gallery
  • HK art museum
  • Riviera Events
  • Midas PR
  • Jade Set
  • 8 Mouths
  • Thread Design,
  • Qube
  • Urban Monks

Design Internship Project

  • Working on creating brand identity for a hotel chain, create logos, visual, colors, patterns.

Program inclusions

  • Available all-year round
  • Flexible start date and length
  • All-inclusive Programs

Student Experience

Still deciding? Our Alumni are the best source of inspiration.

Cathrine Liberg (Norway, 2010) - University College London (UCL) - Arts and design internship in Fine Art Gallery
I was intern in a Fine art gallery in a friendly and young environment. My bosses spoke good English, and also very good French. Overall I am quite pleased with Next Step connections. It has definitely been a great experience! The internship you found me was exactly what I wanted, so thank you very much! You also made it easy for me to adapt to the vastness of Shanghai, and overcome any daily challenges.
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