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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Internship

Healthcare, Veterinary & Medical

One of the most important decisions that you will ever make is your career choice. Although many students enter college wanting to become physicians, most students have little or no knowledge of what is involved in the practice of medicine.
When asked why they want to pursue medicine, most student answer that “they want to make a difference, impact lives and help people.” While these are important motivations for pursuing a medical career, there are other factors to be aware of when analyzing your career choices.

Make a difference in the local community whilst gaining hands-on experience. We organize medical internship placements in local hospitals, international medical centers and clinics. We offer placements in a range of different clinical departments including Dermatology, Surgery, Neurology, Orthopedics, Pathology, and Pediatrics.
If you’re interested in a meaningful, hands-on medical experience, consider a Medical Internship. Gain clinical laboratory experience while you examine biopsies and evaluate blood work. Medical Interns shadow closely the hospital and clinic staff.
During your internship, you will broaden both your understanding of Western medicine and aspects of ancestral Chinese medicine.


It is not just science graduates who can have successful careers in the pharmaceutical industry. It is vital that the right graduates join the sales and marketing side of company operations too. Companies need graduates with excellent communication skills and a sound understanding of the industry to promote new products to a highly competitive international marketplace.

Medical or non-medical graduates can also pursue a career in registration and regulatory affairs, as it is essential for companies to show compliance with the necessary regulations before a drug can be developed or marketed. Strong writing and linguistic skills are desirable in this area, as is proven expertise in statistics and computer technology. Other specialist functions within the industry offer challenging opportunities for graduates interested in business management. Specialist support services include finance, legal, personnel, safety and environmental control, purchasing, accounts, and administration.

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces, and markets drugs licensed for use as medications. Pharmaceutical companies can deal in generic and/or brand medications. They are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the patenting, testing, and marketing of drugs in Asia.

Participating a Pharmaceutical internship typically involves working on different areas such as:
  • Production, marketing and distribution for a pharmaceutical company
  • You can also get familiar with Healthcare consulting industry by working in marketing & advertising team for an healthcare advertising company
  • We also organize placements at bio-medical research centers where you spent most of your time in labs doing various research projects and experiments

Healthcare internship opportunities

  • Huashan International hospital
  • Shanghai East International Medical Center
  • Sino United hospital
  • St Michael's hospital
  • The American Heart Association
  • Shatin Kowloon HKU Medical Centre
  • Bayer
  • IMS Health
  • McCann Healthcare Worldwide Group
  • Ethypharm
  • Pasteur Research Institute

Sample healthcare projects

  • Working on the molecular, biochemical and cellular
  • transcriptional regulation in T cell differentiation and function
  • Differentiation and function to learn more about research techniques and skills related to molecular biology,
  • Cellular biology and immunology, such as PCR,
  • biochemistry.

Program inclusions

  • Available all-year round
  • Flexible start date and length
  • All-inclusive Programs

Student Experience

Still deciding? Our Alumni are the best source of inspiration.

Marco Pimentel (Portugal, 2010) - Oxford University - Biomedical internship in Pharmaceutical Research industryPasteur Institute
I have had a fantastic and extremely rewarding two month experience in Shanghai. The city, the people, the different culture and the way of life will always remain a significant learning experience which will follow me in the future. The knowledge and skills I'd got and increased whilst working at my host company were invaluable. To Next Step Connections team who I made all this possible: many thanks for giving me the opportunity to live this awesome adventure. I definitely recommend NSC to anyone who is interested :)
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