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Information Technology & Services Internship

Workers in the so-called STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) occupations earn 26 percent more than workers in other fields. That may be especially welcoming news for IT professionals, since almost half (46 percent) of STEM jobs are in computers and math. 

Participating a Information Technology & Services internship typically involves working on different areas such as:
  •  Analysts, developers, electronic, or computer science programmers
  • Web designers in a wide range of companies: automotive engineering, mobile phones, semi-conductors, online gaming, wireless telecommunication, video and imaging, security, automation control, medical, transportation, aviation, aerospace, and environment monitoring
  • Research placements in the biotechnology and clean-technology sectors
  • Placement under the guidance of the former Thompson Multimedia vice-President Asia

Technology Internship Opportunities

  • IBM
  • Uber
  • Microsoft
  • Pacovision
  • QTCT
  • BitCoins
  • DTAC
  • EKO
  • F2D
  • Apple

Sample Tech Project

  • Build UI/UX for a revolutionary web application promoting social collaboration.

Program inclusions

  • Available all-year round
  • Flexible start date and length
  • All-inclusive Programs

Student Experience

Our alumni are the best source of inspiration.

Conor McLaughlin, UC Berkeley
This company has a lot to offer if you're looking into network engineering. My chance to manage a Chinese team was also very, very informative. This fell into my lap rather than being a planned part of the internship,
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