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Live beyond your comfort zone

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Build bonds

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A Program Improving Student Employability and much more


The talents who have participated in NSC’s program since 2008 are aged between 15 and 60 years old and come from over 100 Institutions worldwide and over 50 countries.

They are American, Canadian, British, French, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese, Australian, Brazilian, Mexican, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Nigerian, Russian, Indian, Korean and more.

They had in mind to step out of their comfort zone and take on their next step by traveling abroad to experience something new, something different. Through their participation in our program, they have build lifelong bonds and have unlocked their lives for the best; opening up infinite opportunities for them to realize their dreams.


Now What? What if I want to take my own path? What if I intern now and be certain of my major when I arrive at orientation day? What if instead of living in indecision, I could be living Abroad?

Monika Lutz

What does ‘Enriched Experience’ means to us?

You cannot create experience, you must undergo it!


Alex Montoya

Next step was able to get me involved in China and get me connected with the right people to advance my career. The people that I have met and the stories we made together, was the most enriching experience.

West Texas A&M University

Marketing & Advertising industry| 4 weeks, Shanghai

Samar Milan

Aukina Brown



Jason LeeOlli Liukkaala

desiree arriola


Eduarda Zucco


Ana Rita Galhano Marques

Rosie Taylor

Alexis Picourt


Xingdi Tian

Zachary Herzog

Miiko Taylor

Yuhui Ma

Brandon Schneider

Kami Ehrich


Ryan Henderson

Mingxu SunErika Morton

Alondra Rohr

SangYeop Lee

Michael Ng

Yvonne Yap









Rodrigo Quercia

James Parkhill


Jessica Nipp

Alex Montoya





James Dicus

Internship story-Pourmeydani-City-planner-Tehran

Sunwoo Lee







Alumni Stories: How their internship experience has helped them transform

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