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Hong Kong Immigration formalities

Next Step Connections (NSC) provides Training Visas for all applicants participating in the Hong Kong internship program, who do not own a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) with the right of abode in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Training Visa will allow you to do an internship in Hong Kong for up to 12 months, and NSC will help to process the visa on your behalf at the HK Immigration office located in Hong Kong. The training visa fee is always included in our program fee.

Required Documents:

1.  Training visa application (provided by NSC) including one passport photo.

2.   A photocopy of the passport data page in your valid passport.

3.   If you are studying overseas, you need to provide a photocopy of your student visa and form.

4.   One (un)official university transcript.

5.   Your student CV/resume.

6.   A recent 3 months bank statement from your bank in your name that shows a balance of about USD 2000-3000 OR from your parents bank account with a support letter.

7.   A University letter from your professor saying that you are currently enrolled, and if possible, that you will be returning to school once your internship program is finished.

NSC is also appointed to collect all materials for your host company in Hong Kong, and will gather both set of documents to submit the entire application to the HK immigration.

The visa process will take around 4-6 weeks, and the Immigration Department would not be able to start processing the application unless all the required documents and information are received.

This training visa does not apply to: Nationals from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Nepal, Vietnam, and Chinese residents of the Mainland.

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