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Housing in Hong Kong

At Next Step Connections, we offer various internship programs that includes housing options in Hong Kong. This is a value-added service that is mainly requested by overseas participants. If you’d like to find and settle in your accomodation by yourself, just let us know and please find some useful  ressources at the bottom of the page.

Individual studios

Based on our experience, intern participants are looking for a greater degree of comfort & independancy compared to the traditional student university dormitories or home-stays. To avoid inconvenience such apartment sharing and gender issues, we have decided to opt exclusively for the “individual studio” option in Hong Kong.

While our studios are conveniently located in various locations over Hong Kong, you should expect a small living space (from 150-200 sq ft | 14-18 sqm). Hong Kong is home to some of the most densely-populated urban districts in the world, with an overall density of some 6,300 people per square kilometer so residents mostly use their apartments as a place to sleep rather than a place to live.

Housing Locations

All our accomodations are located in the heart of the city, meaning Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan and Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island as well as Prince Edwards in Kowloon. All of our housing locations are within walking distance from the MTR station making it convenient for interns to travel to and from their internship placement and home.

Living arrangements

  • Each studio range from 25 sqm to 35 sqm including a bed with linen, bathroom, TV, Mini-Fridge, air conditioning & internet.
  • Laundry services are not included. However laundry shops are open 7/7 and located close to each of our location.
  • There are convenient stores opened 24/7 located all around town and cheap eateries at each street corner making if affordable and convenient to eat outside.

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Housing resources in Hong Kong

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