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Gain Skills. Broaden Knowledge. Gain Hands-on Experience. Build Network.

Work experience in Asia – Advanced Experienced Learning beyond Classroom 

2000+ Alumni, 400+ Corporate Partners, 30+University Partners


NEXSTEP (Next Step Connections) is an Advanced Experiential Learning organization offering ‘beyond classroom’ experiences on the economy of the future (Blockchain, AI, SmartCity), Learning Expeditions, internships, study tours programs and leadership training since 2008.

We are Committed to Empower individuals to Meet Future Challenges and Reach their Full Potential Through Transformative Career-Building and Growth Experiences in Asia

We offer real world learning programs for students, fresh graduates, future leaders  as well as corporates.  Our program capabilities include Learning Expeditions, global internships, work experience in Asia, study tours, Short Term Programs, Virtual internship projects and Leadership and Student Employability programs. We also have a media channel dedicated to global education offering insights and visibility to our participants.

“Leading With your Own Voice”

NEXSTEP is best-suited for students and young professionals looking to travel the world to build their skills in real work environments with an open heart to new experiences; those in search of diversity, of community, and of purpose.

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Gain experience in Asia’s most exciting cities and explore your World’s ultimate bucket list

Why gaining work experience in Asia through NSC ?

We know Asia : The world’s growth engine

Asia is a region set to lead the world as it becomes an increasingly important engine of growth leading the world out of the worst recession in over half a century. On current trends, it is estimated that by 2030, Asia’s economy will be larger than that of the United States and European Union combined with the region’s share of world GDP swelling from a little under 30 percent closer to more than 40 percent. Within Asia, the AEC (ASEAN) will drive South East Asia as the future growth engine within Asia itself. We have been able to deliver quality programs with unmatched results, through our local bases in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, Japan, offering our customers with in-depth knowledge and strategic understanding of a growing region.

We are an Advanced Experiential Learning Award-winning Expert

NEXSTEP was voted best five global internship programs by in Los Angeles in May 2017 and Finalist in The Enterprise Innovation Awards in Singapore in 2017 . The award was voted by international education industry professionals. NEXSTEP has always been a pioneer in ‘beyond classroom’ programming since 2008.

We are a purpose-driven organisation

Our ‘beyond classroom’ programs aim at engaging, equipping, empowering and transforming student lives globally. Our program is structured around three pillars: Career Building, Personal Growth and Wellbeing Abroad to ensure maximum success abroad.

We have an excellent track-record working with the world’s best educational institutions

We are recognized by leading Institutions, and the international education industry as a true specialist in providing safe and quality educational programs to and within Asia. Since 2008, we have developed and run programs for Western Sydney University, University of Southern California, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Open University Hong Kong, Kasetsart University, Hong Kong University, University of Texas at Austin, National University of Singapore, Hamline University, Arizona State University, Providence College, Lingnan University, Chapman University and more.

Jens Christian Nielsen De Berard-Student Experience

Jens Christian Nielsen De Berard

Business & Finance Industry | 16 weeks | Shanghai Jan. 16, 2015

Thank you for the opportunities!

-Kingston University

Lois Nicole Pagalilauan-Student Experience

Lois Nicole Pagalilauan

Marketing Industry | 12 weeks | Hong Kong Oct 30, 2014

Program was good! I learned a lot from work and I'm glad I took this because it helped me grow more as an individual. I've met so many awesome people!

-Enderun Colleges

Jeremy Leroy-Student Experience

Jeremy Leroy

Architecture & Planning Industry | 16 weeks | Shanghai May 9, 2015

The time I've spend in Shanghai was great. Excellent internship, had good moments in the city and overall I've made some good friends.

-University Pierre and Marie CURIE - Sciences and Medicine

Latifah Al-Hazza-Student Experience

Latifah Al-Hazza

Journalism Industry | 8 weeks | Hong Kong May 21, 2015

This was an experience of a lifetime. I wish I could experience this all over again.

-University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg School of Communications

Ryan Nicole Hughley-Student Experience

Ryan Nicole Hughley

Public Relations Industry | 8 weeks | Hong Kong May 21, 2015

Without a doubt this experience which challenge you in ways you never thought it would. But when its all said and done you're left with a once in a lifetime experience, fantastic new friends, and a new appreciation for culture.

-University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg School of Communications


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