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The sports industry is a rapidly growing and multi-faceted industry with plenty of internship positions to offer in area such as in sport club or organisations. If you are looking for an internship in Asia, Next Step Connections is one of the best resources out there.

Sports Internship

There are many different kinds of sport internships. Some are designed for students who must complete a semester of work experience for their degree. Some are designed for those who already have work experience. Some a re specifically designed for those who have degrees in sport management. Pay close attention to the job description and target the Internships which are a good match for your academic and professional experiences.

Sport internships, just like volunteering opportunities are an excellent way to get a foot in the door, make contacts in the industry, and help you gain valuable work experience. An internship may be just what your CV needs to catch the attention of a future employer and help you enter the sport industry.

Participating in an internship typically involves working on different areas such as:

  • Sport management;
  • Sport marketing;
  • Sport agencies and marketing firms;
  • Public relations in sport;
  • Coaching;
  • Learning about a club operations.

Sport industry guide

What projects, tasks and responsibilities?

Imagine having a sports internship working each day in the front office of a professional sports team, at an international sports franchise, or coaching kids for a local sport team.

In the Sporting Goods industry, you could work in the “product department” and be involved in various tasks such as:
– Assist the product team to complete the weekly marketing report;
– Work with the team to consolidate products’ data;
– Download global materials and work with supervisor to manage product information;
– Manage product samples and organize into categories;
– Handle ad-hoc tasks assigned by team as necessary.

Sample of company offering sport internship opportunities

We have placed students at companies such as Li Ning, Adidas, NBA association, Hong Kong Olympic Committee and sports Public Relations company involved in Hong Kong rugby Sevens organisation.

Choose your Destination

Program inclusions

  • Available all-year round
  • Flexible start date and length
  • All-inclusive Programs

Sports Internship Opportunities

  • Li Ning
  • Adidas
  • NBA association
  • Hong Kong Olympic Committee
  • Active Kidz
  • New Balance

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