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Our Community of future leaders where people learn from – and with – each other.

The community is diverse as it includes various educational and professional backgrounds, personal experiences, ethnicity, gender, nationality, goals, culture, sexual orientation united by a shared purpose.

American, Canadian, British, French, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese, Australian, Brazilian, Mexican, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Nigerian, Russian, Indian, Korean and more.

All had in mind to step out of their comfort zone and take on their next step by traveling abroad to experience something new, something different. Through their participation in our program, they have build lifelong bonds and have unlocked their lives for the best; opening up infinite opportunities for them to realize their dreams.

Now What ?

Our Alumni Community is spread over 50+ Countries and was featured in Harvard Graduate Monika Lutz’s book Now What.

Now What? What if I want to take my own path? What if I intern now and be certain of my major when I arrive at orientation day? What if instead of living in indecision, I could be living Abroad?

– Monika Lutz

Michael Ng-Student Experience

Michael Ng

Finance & Accounting Industry | 4 weeks | Shanghai Mar. 5, 2014

Very good at communicating and organising the whole process.

-University of Western Australia

Zachary Herzog-Student Experience

Zachary Herzog

Marketing & Advertising Industry | 6 weeks | Shanghai Jul. 28, 2014

Sabrina and Emma were super helpful. It was great having people to contact who could help me when I was in a difficult situation.

-University of Northern Colorado

Dayana Rodriguez-Student Experience

Dayana Rodriguez

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry |9 weeks | Shanghai Aug. 7, 2014

All the staff was very nice.

-The University of Texas at Austin

Kerry Tsang-Student Experience

Kerry Tsang

Marketing & Advertising Industry |11 weeks | Hong-Kong Jul. 24, 2014

Very helpful in setting up internships and did their very best within a reasonable time.

-Trinity College Dublin

Nina Wang-Student Experience

Nina Wang

Finance & Accounting Industry | 4 weeks | Shanghai Jan. 4, 2015

Team members of NSC are very friendly and helpful. I was pretty much left on my own but they do check up on me sometimes through emails and messages. They are there whenever you need them.

-National University of Singapore

Salomé Vergne-Student Experience

Salomé Vergne

Marketing & Advertising | 8 weeks | ShanghaiOct. 24, 2014

I always felt that I had someone to contact in case I had a problem, or to ask for advice about the life in China. Moreover, the dinners with the other interns were always a good way to meet new people and were always enjoyable.

- Le Rosey Institut, Geneve

Max Le Blanc-Student Experience

Max Le Blanc

Event Planning & Management Industry | 6 weeks | ShanghaiAug. 4, 2014

I would recommend Next Step Connections as they match students very well with an internship based on their subject study. My most memorable experience has being able to work with school children in a rural village in Hebei Province.

-Skidmore College

Mingxu Sun-student Experience

Mingxu Sun

Public Relations & Communications Industry | 9 weeks | Hong-KongJul. 31, 2014

Perfect events!

-University of Southern California

Allison McKinnon-student Experience

Allison McKinnon

Public relations Industry | 7 weeks | Shanghai Jul. 8, 2014

Everyone has been great during the whole process!

-University of Kansas

Gyalmo Tongden-Student Experience

Gyalmo Tongden

Fashion Industry | 4 weeks | Shanghai Dec. 17, 2013

Sabrina Jia was indeed a very helpful, warm as well as a friendly program coordinator possessing strong communication skills along with good social skills.

-University for the Creative Arts (UCA)

Jessica Nipp
Zachary Herzog
Yvonne Yap
Alex Montoya
Yuhui Ma1
Xingdi TIAN
Sunwoo Lee
SangYeop Lee
Samar Milan
Rosie Taylor
Rodrigo Quercia
Olli Liukkaala
Erika Morton
Momo Tehran
Miiko Taylor
Alondra Rohr
Michael Ng
Ryan Henderson
Jason Lee
James Parkhill
James Dicus
Eduarda Zucco
Desiree Arriola
Brandon Schneider
Ana Rita Galhano Marques
Alexis Picourt

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