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Learning Expeditions Abroad

Learning Expeditions Abroad for Corporates

Our Programs

Big Data in the Silicon Valley

A unique and complete program to help you master the new management imperatives of a digital world.

Understanding and applying the new digital approaches must not be limited to the purchase of technologies and the hoarding of massive data sets. It has to encompass the transformation of work methods, the evolution of processes and a change of management spirit.

Mastering all four pillars – Systems, Data, People, and Processes – is the key to gain the time and the visibility that will spur progress, and foster innovation within the organization.

We engage with organizations, students, and researchers to bring holistic solutions and carry out these transitions smoothly and successfully.

Associated with Stanford University for teaching, the University of Berkeley for research, and in constant connection with the Silicon Valley ecosystem we offer the most advanced, proven, and impactful training programs.


Why Enterprises engage Next Step Connections?

Benefits of Engaging with NSC

  • Increase Productivity
  • Inspire and transform your managers into innovation leaders
  • Embrace diversity by transforming your local organization into a global multicultural workforce.
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