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Corporate Learning Expeditions (LEX)

Experience Your Future through Extraordinary Learning Expeditions (LEX)

Learning Expeditions

Immersion, inspiration, innovation: a winning formula

An expedition is a journey undertaken by a group of professionals for discovery, inspiration, learning, research and network.

The three components of a LEX are inspiration, creativity and, above all, a response to operational needs through innovation. We ensure our participants receive deep knowledge in an experiential way to accelerate their transformative journey to open up, get inspired and innovate.



A unique and complete program to help you master the new management imperatives of a digital world.

Understanding and applying the new digital approaches must not be limited to the purchase of technologies and the hoarding of massive data sets. It has to encompass the transformation of work methods, the evolution of processes and a change of management spirit.

Mastering all four pillars – Systems, Data, People, and Processes – is the key to gain the time and the visibility that will spur progress, and foster innovation within the organization.

Associated with Stanford University for teaching, the University of Berkeley for research, and in constant connection with the Silicon Valley ecosystem we offer the most advanced, proven, and impactful training programs.

Who is this program for?  Corporates and governments


Smart Factory


A unique program overviewing smart factory technology in Eastern China. The program will help you understand how to implement industry 4.0 to make your factory smarter.

The program can be customised for 5-7 days and encompasses visits of Bosch, Truking Technology Limited, Borche Machinery, TLD, Advantech and the Smart ‘Start Up’ Factory in Kunshan where you will experience the topics of Real Time equipment and resource monitoring, production and inspection online system, advanced automation and assistance systems, online in-field condition monitoring, Integrated ERP-MES-PDM, process simulation, Learn how to implement Industry 4.0 to make your factory smarter, find out where Industry 4.0 is relevant in your company, get to know real life smart factory examples, what are the technology driver of Industry 4.0, How to reduce lineside stock by 50%.

Who is this for? Factory Owners, Supply Chain Management executives

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