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A Learning Expedition for Corporate Digital Transformation

(*) Program can be customised based on time, budget and availability.

A unique and complete program to help you master the new management imperatives of a digital world.

Understanding and applying the new digital approaches must not be limited to the purchase of technologies and the hoarding of massive data sets. It has to encompass the transformation of work methods, the evolution of processes and a change of management spirit.

Mastering all four pillars – Systems, Data, People, and Processes – is the key to gain the time and the visibility that will spur progress, and foster innovation within the organization.

Data Wise Academy engages with organizations, students, and researchers to bring holistic solutions and carry out these transitions smoothly and successfully.

Associated with Stanford University for teaching, the University of Berkley for research, and in constant connection with the Silicon Valley ecosystem Data Wise Academy offers the most advanced, proven, and impactful training programs.

Learning Expedition Format:

Inspiring Sessions

Any project begins with a spark and a commitment. Our 60-90-minute keynotes are the perfect trigger for your digital initiatives. Clear, pragmatic and didactic, they set the foundations of your digital journey, in the context of your organization. These sessions filled with personal experiences, engage the audience with empathy and realism. By connecting the different teams around a common language and understanding, they are the first step of a cohesive movement.

Holistic Diagnostic

These work sessions lay out the organization’s environment and empower the teams to best visualize and understand where to start and where to act on the transformation. This phase also creates the alignment between Management, IT and Business.

Master Data Classes and Workshops

Based on the now-classic data curriculum taught by Gauthier at Stanford, these sessions combine theoretical, practical, and hands-on content for immediate results which can be applied to the participant context. Within two days, the participants reach a level of autonomy that empowers them to continue progress on their own and to become both actors and leaders of the transformation.

Elite Hackathon

Sometimes, corporate challenges can benefit from a new approach, an alternate look or an additional boost of energy. In partnership with Berkeley Business School MBA, we are organizing hackathons from 24 to 48 hours to spur your initiatives and contribute to the resolution of complex problems. Mentored by professors from the Fisher Center For Business Analytics, Berkeley’s graduate students bring a reliable methodology, the skills of US best-in-class, and an unmatched level of fun and creative energy.

Executive Master Classes

Nothing had prepared us to face the magnitude of the evolution caused by the digital wave. These training classes over 3-4 days are the perfect program to complete your business expertise with the new digital facets. Taught by leaders in the domain, they give direct access to the latest business trends, from advanced analytics to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, open innovation and change management.

Berkeley-Stanford- Silicon Valley Experiential Learning

The success of a transformation stems from inspiration, connections, exchanges, and exposure to disruptive ideas, outside our comfort zone. Welcome to the unique world of Silicon Valley. Our Experiential Learning Expeditions combine access to 2 of the most famous US campus, some of the leading companies (Google, Facebook, Cisco…), and interactions with an agile, brave and entrepreneur world. Become part of the innovation scene by building your network with us.

Typical LEX Day

Time slots:


9AM to 12PM – Classroom


2PM to 5PM – Workshops,  guest speaker conferences or visit company


Reading and Assignments Sessions

Classroom sessions:

1-2 hours

Guest speakers conferences: 

60-90 minute


2-3 hours

Program Highlights

  • Sessions in Stanford and Berkeley Universities, world class Universities
  • Visits of Silicon Valley iconic corporate campuses (Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco)
  • Discovery and meeting with startups throughout the stay
  • Experience Silicon Valley innovation at work in labs and incubators with workshops
  • Engagement with world class faculty and professionals
  • A true insider view built from a trusted network
  • A holistic journey which really exposes the key facets of data and focuses on delivering inspiring and applicable knowledge

Participants Key Learnings

  • Impose leadership and confidence in a digital world.
  • Inspire respect and trust in strategic decisions.
  • Technical architecture strategies to lead organization on the right investment path that will serve strategic goals.
  • Sharpen skills in analytics to make the best of data science.
  • Drive change with Immediately applicable take-aways to make visible impact in an organization.
  • Apply innovative and design thinking approach to push the horizon of possibilities.
  • A holistic journey which really exposes the key facets of data and focuses on delivering inspiring and applicable knowledge.

Program References

With our direct connection with Stanford as data instructor and Berkeley as Executive Director of the Fisher Center for Business Analytics, we have a direct connection to these 2 campuses. With 15 years in Silicon Valley, we have the deepest network with startups, large companies, and thought leaders, which give us a clear edge in the data space.

Some of our Asia-based clients:


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