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Program Information

Program starts: December 5th, 2018

Length: 3 days

Language: English

Certification: Upon validation of each module and final assignment.

Price: $1,450 USD or 11,350 HK$
(to see details download the prospectus).



December. 5th to 7th, 2018 *

Limited to 20 seats

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is about to disrupt the old economy and transform our vision of business. Brought in the light by the explosion of the cryptocurrency market (global market cap over US$ 200 billion early September 2018) this technology is proliferating and offers great potential for many industries and services. The program is designed to explore the basic and advanced properties of Blockchain technology, to recognize how Bitcoin and other crypto use these properties in their ecosystem and to ultimately understand the power of disruption that is shaking the business conventional rules.

Why NeXperience program?

“Knowledge is nothing without experience” is the motto of this program.

NEXSTEP applied its expertise in Advanced Experiential Learning in developping NeXperience Programs based on three pillars:

. Knowledge: how the blockchain technology works and sustains Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) emergence ? How this new technology will disrupt key sectors of the economy?

. Perspective: during the three days of the program you will learn from use cases and access the latest developments in the field.

. Experience: by working on concrete applications of the Blockchain and developing your research capacity, you will not only understand this critical technology but also experience it from an inside perspective.


Program Outline

The program is built over three days with a daily six hour (2 x 3 hours) session plus an additional hour for the test.

#Day 1

Module 1: Blockchain Technology.

The basic and advanced properties of the blockchain technology, and why they are opening a whole range of new solutions. We will see as well how some of the believes about Blockchain seem to be challenged by facts and the latest on the state of the art.


#Day 2

Module 2: Cryptocurrencies and ICO’s.

How Blockchain technology is underpinning the cryptocurrencies? How Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems actually work and what does it say about the potential or limitation of adoption of each currency? To end the day, we will have a perspective on the world of ICO’s and its sustainable future.

#Day 3

Module 3: Blockchain strategy.

Blockchain technology could define the future of internet and beyond that is meant to deeply modify the way many industries are working. How this technology could have such a power of disruption? And what could be your strategy to implement it in your own business?

Who should take this program?

The program is designed for anyone with an interest in understanding blockchain technology and
cryptocurrencies, and their global impact on the economy.

Based on experiential learning and work in small groups, it is suitable for:

  • Business leaders and Entrepreneurs,
  • Young professionals,
  • Students.

Diversity made the success of the blockchain ecosystem, and different ages and backgrounds will make this program even more impactful for each participant.

There are no prerequisites to take the program.

What are the takeaways?

This program will set you apart. You will be able to:

…understand the fundamental elements of the Blockchain technology and how it will impact the New Economy.

…get a unique perspective by sharing the experience of professionals and build a powerful

…study and research on use cases and work on hands-on projects. Ultimately, you will build your own.

…get a certificate of competence that will validate your experience and knowledge.

Program Information

Programs starts: December 5th, 2018

Length: 3 days

Language: English

Certification: Upon validation of each module and final assignment.

Price: $1,450 USD or 11,350 HK$
(to see details download the prospectus).

Program Tuition & Inclusions

  • 21h of NeXperience Program in Hong Kong
  • Program certificate
  • Closing Dinner

Technical Requirements

  • A laptop
  • An email address
  • Usage of Powerpoint & Word / Keynote & Pages
  • Reading of Adobe PDF documents
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