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Next Step Conversations

Nurturing Future Leaders since 2008

Next Step Conversations is the beginning of a new set of shows ¬†hosted by Michael Waitze, the host behind the Asia Tech Podcast. Next Step Connections Alumni whom have participated in Next Step Connections’ experiential learning programs share their unique experiences in a podcast called Future Leaders. They contextualise every alumni’s excitement, stress and growth as they tell their stories in Asia. They give insight on how they persevered, adapted and matures through their experience they encountered in environments that are foreign to them in many ways than one.

Every conversation is an inspirational account told by those that went through the experience themselves.

A Work In Progress showcase business leaders’ own journey of self discovery and growth. We talk with start-up entrepreneurs to multi-national corporate managers on the hot topics from fresh graduate trends to life lessons. These conversations are vital for students, job seekers, educators, business people and anyone that is concerned about the continuous evolvement of global employability.

Find all our episodes on by selecting the drop down menu under podcast or by selecting here: Future Leader or A Work In Progress.

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