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Source and Engage Students for Internships (With Global Mobility Support)

You can join the thousands of company partners who have capitalized on our intern sourcing service. Hosting interns is a great way to inject new ideas, knowledge, and talent into your existing team. Our process is simple and cost efficient. We only charge a minimal fee if you hire the intern after the internship completion. We provide interns on an ongoing basis that matched your specific requirements. Our team is dedicated in sourcing top talents matching your staffing needs. Further, our team will help with intern assessment, interview, and gather all the necessary documentation needed before you make an offer. Once your intern has been confirmed, our team handles all the aspects of the interns arrival, stay, and departure. From visa application to career development training, we dedicate our time to ensure the intern will achieve the internship goals.

  • Submit positions available through information form
  • Receive only pre-screened and matching interns/talents sent interviewed and verified by NSC
  • Interview candidates (in-person or remote)
  • Receive admin & legal support to ensure all administrative paperwork is taken care of.
  • All interns are covered under our extensive health, travel and liability insurance covering each intern/talent from our program.
  • Internship monitoring – NSC provides regular check-points to ensure the experience is going smoothly.

Engaging Students for Remote Projects (With Mentoring Support)

We provide you access to remote students to help you complete a market research, data analytic, business development project.

Project Management

Do you have a specific project that requires specific talents? We work with project owners, startups, SME’s and MNC’s to create virtual internship projects for specific durations, and goals. Tell us what you need and we will source the suitable candidates from our extensive network of universities to meet your goals. We have conducted tailor-made programs including: summer CSR, entrepreneurial projects, market research, even specific research-based internships, as well as country-wide surveying. This mode of recruitment speeds up specific projects while saving costs and enabling you to build up leadership skills by mentoring students remotely. Let our team introduce you to our wealth of talents waiting to collaborate with you.

  • Assess business needs
  • Cost/Timing/Risk assessment
  • NSC will build and manage a team of skilled talents to manage and deliver the project
  • Completion, capstone and handover
 HR & Branding
  • Organisation of branded workshops at Universities
  • Events
  • Host student group to visit your company
Innovation Programs
  • Experiential Learning, Training & Coaching
  • Organisational change
Over 450 Asian-based enterprises have worked with NSC since 2008

“Who you know and who knows you— is of immense value in today’s interconnected world”.

Read more about why developing Social Capital is critical for business success by NSC founder Jerome Le Carrou.


Why Enterprises engage Next Step Connections?

Benefits of Engaging with NSC

  • Reduce the skills gap by finding the right interns/talents.
  • Transform your managers into leaders through intern/project management.
  • Explore telecommuting and remote workforce deployment.
  • Unlock business opportunities through project-based internship management.
  • Embrace diversity by transforming your local organization into a global multicultural workforce.
  • Build Community of future talents
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